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People: Tomas Estes

Founder of Ocho tequila, tequila ambassador and the man credited with introducing the spirit to Europe, Tomas Estes discusses the issues facing the category right now. By Jonathan White.

Charro Negro

A pitch-black, vegetal bucking bronco of a drink that impresses and refreshes.

10 tips to fight fake labels

China has a reputation for counterfeiting, including booze. Make sure your customers aren't exposed. By David Friesen.

Wine and food

Either complementing or contrasting your wine with food (or food with wine) is the key to combining them.

9 ways to bartend like Steve Schneider

Principal bartender at New York’s Employees only, star of documentary Hey Bartender! and cocktail-making speed king – Steve Schneider spells out how to tend bar like a champ.

Need to know: Gin

Who decides when gin is gin? With the category in bloom, legal definitions are being stretched. Dan Bignold asks several distillers if there’s trouble ahead.

11 things you need to know about sake

Considered the world's leading non-Japanese authority on sake, author of Sake Confidential John Gauntner introduces the essential must-knows of Japan’s national drink.

Now Open: Speak Low, Shanghai

A handsome, new split-level speakeasy has opened in Shanghai. Japanese bartender of Angel’s Share, New York, Shingo Gokan explains the concept.

Third Night in Taipei by Aaron Feder

Created at Ounce, Taipei, Gaz Regan reps el Ocho bar manager Aaron Feder’s scotch-based smoke bomb and says single malt cocktails are a category on the up.

Now Open: Bibo, Hong Kong

Fine dining in the presence of modern art and Asian-inflected cocktails on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong.

Now Open: Tailor Bar, Shanghai

Eddy Yang now has his own bar in Shanghai. What should we expect from one of China's most beloved bartenders? By Alexander Barlow. Photography Leo Liu.

Coffee & Cigarettes by Jayce Kadyschuk

Canadian bartender Jayce Kadyschuk, from Clive’s Classic Lounge in Victoria, Canada, pays homage to one of Colombia’s most famous exports. Not the one you might have thought.

Now Open: White Lyan, London

No citrus, no ice, no brands - a boundary-shifting new opening in London has overturned some of the most trusted conventions of the bar. DRiNK speaks to founder Ryan Chetiyawardana and asks, why?

People: Gary Regan

What does it mean to be a mindful bartender? In China to judge World Class, godfather of the bar Gary Regan explains.

레시피: Campo de’ Fiori

런던의 지하 바, Demon, Wise & Partners에서 개발한 꽃을 이용한 칵테일. 사전 준비가 필요하지만 시각적으로 매우 인상적인 칵테일.
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