Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week: cocktails in LA’s Chinatown, rehabilitating Italian inmates with wine, and the science behind why champagne tastes so good.

A Match Made in Paradise: The Story of Chinese-Tiki
Why is that one of the easiest places to find a tiki cocktail in the US is at a Chinese restaurant? Garrett Snyder explores how tiki culture and Chinese cuisine were appropriated by both sides and the influential hands of Donn Beach and Trader Vic in their intertwining.

Italian Inmates Sip, Smell and Taste Their Way to Rehabilitation
Robbers, drug traffickers and mafiosos can all trade in their criminal careers for one in wine at this Italian prison, which is teaching inmates how to be sommeliers. Leading the way is probably the world’s only police officer that’s also a trained somm.

Scientists Finally Know Why Champagne is Delicious
Scientists get drunk too, but when they do, they like to find out the reason why. Chemical physics professor (and serial champagne enthusiast) Gerard Liger-Belair delves into the science of why champagne tastes so good. Spolier alert: it’s in the bubbles.