DMBA winner tight-lipped on his next step.

One of the most well-known faces in the China bar scene is calling last orders on his time in Asia. Hendrick’s brand ambassador Erik Andersson is tight-lipped on what’s coming next but you can be sure it will be big if the Swede’s four-and-a-half years in the region are anything to go by.

In typical fashion, when asked for a few words Erik made it about everyone else: “Dear bartenders, much like all great stories, my time in Asia has come to an end. It has been a true pleasure seeing you all grow the China bar scene together to greatness and I trust you will continue to do so. Keep them lovely Martinis coming! Thank you all, thank you so very much.”

While the industry will be sad to see Erik go, the good news for the rest of China’s brand reps is that there will be a new winner of next year’s DRiNK Magazine Bar Awards for Best Brand Ambassador.

Mr Andersson will be at Union Trading Co in Shanghai on Saturday night for those of you who would like to raise a glass to the suave Swede (or get some tips on how to win at DMBA 2017). Goodbye and good luck, Erik!