The 4 Nine City Cocktail from Bar 4 Nine. By Jonathan White.

What is it? A douzhi cocktail that stays true to its neighbourhood Beijing chops.

How is it made? Bartender Leo Zhang grew up in the same Dongzhimen streets that his bar is located and wanted to explore drinks using the tastes that lao Beijingren have enjoyed for centuries. As part of Bar 4 Nine’s remit to use Chinese flavours in cocktails as bridge between locals and expats, this drink takes the douzhi (fermented mung bean juice) that he used to drink with his grandfather and gives it the craft cocktail treatment. “I grew up in Dongzhimen, the neighbourhood just around the corner from where we opened the bar, that’s why I know that the vendor we get our douzhi from is the best in this area: they always have been and all the locals know that.”

4 Nine City Cocktail

London dry gin
Lemon juice
Creme de cassis
Passionfruit syrup

Shake and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a sprig wheat and a dehydrated lemon wheel.