Normally part of a trio of grapes that is made into cava, this is a one hundred per cent panda blanca that’s great with fish. 

What is it This grape is also known as xarel-lo, which is normally made into cava together with parellada and macabeo, but it’s known as pansa blanca in its native Alella, nearby Barcelona. The grape is normally blended with other varieties, so it’s quite rare to find a one hundred per cent pansa blanca wine.

What it tastes like It has a similar flavour to pinot gris: light and fruity with a fresh nose of yellow apple. It’s very lean and clean, slightly sparkling, with medium acidity and ripe soft stone fruits. Serve it well-chilled and drink it with any seafood from steamed fish to roasted shellfish, but avoid umami-rich dishes like crab roe. Chicken works too.