A Ningxia cowboy, a wine algorithm and mezcal’s re-awakening.

Confounding Prejudices: Transforming The Image Of Chinese Wine, Deep In China’s ‘Wild West’ [HONG KONG FREE PRESS]
Twenty years ago when drinking in China was still dominated by baijiu, one man in Ningxia bet big on wine. Now, from his Silver Heights chateau, cowboy-turned-beverage-billionaire Gao Lin is challenging the prejudices held against Chinese wine.

This Algorithm Knows Exactly Which Wine You Want To Drink Next [MUNCHIES]
Suggestions of what else you might like are common in the worlds of e-commerce and video streaming but not so much with wine websites. Now one online wine retailer is combining human recommendations with coded algorithms to inspire their user’s next wine experience.

How A Generations-Old Tradition Caused A Craze: On The Trail Of Mexico’s Hottest Spirit [GEAR PATROL]
Since mezcal became “hot” a few years back it has transformed from a fringe spirit for the curious few to an increasingly common bar staple. This surge in popularity is blowing life back into production and now the sons of mezcaleros are returning to Mexico to join the flourishing family business.