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Jack Juice by Adrian Xu

This recipe was first published as part of our feature on Using Chinese Olives for Your Dirty Martini… Why Not? 45ml Homemade Chaoshan olive gin* 15ml Homemade Jasmine Dragon Pearls vodka** 12.5ml Dolin Dry Vermouth 12.5ml Lillet Blanc 10ml Olive water 2dps Saline solution (2:8) 4dps Bob’s Abbotts Bitters Olive


National DRiNK Awards 2023 Winners!

The DRiNK Awards 2023 came to an perfect ending with its pinnacle event concluding at Shanghai Centre Theatre on March 18!

Global bar events 2023

A list of major bar events and cocktail festivals in Asia and beyond in 2023.

Get to know: Sidecar

Seamus Harris reports a wartime whimsy from the jazz age that became the basis for a whole family of drinks.

Get to know: Grasshopper

The history of this minty green cocktail found its beginnings in New Orleans over a century ago.

Cocktail Families: Duos and Trios

While a simple starting point, the duo is the basis for most cocktails, so think carefully about how the two main ingredients work in any drink before getting complex.
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