What is it A further extension of Giancarlo Mancino’s parade of Italian neo- classics, this aperitivo is another liquid love-letter to the bar culture his home country has produced. The label, inspired by Mancino’s own collection of vintage amari and quinquinas, is a perfect homage to yesteryear drinking: the only clue you haven’t just pulled up on the Amalfi coast in the 250 GT, unpacked the lady and tossed the keys to the Santa Caterina valet being the message “Formulato in Italia dal 2015”. Chirata, angelica, wormwood, bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, cascarilla bark, gentian root and rhubarb are listed as the botanicals, which are crushed in a 1930s mill before being macerated in sugar beet distillate for a month, then sweetened, diluted and filtered.

What it tastes like The first sniff is orange-dominant, followed by vanilla and a green freshness that mirrors the genteel bitterness of the palate. The mouthfeel is also much less forceful and woody than Campari, meaning at 14 per cent abv Rinomato is a softer style of bitter for mixing.

Available from Proof & Co (Singapore, Hong Kong)