What is it Newly arrived in Singapore, but launched in 2008 by Seattle bartender Miles Thomas, Scrappy’s is based entirely off organic botanicals. It’s also still handmade, with no extracts or oils bought in, no dyes used, and all citrus zested fresh. The range includes cardamom, chocolate and celery, but the two tasted here were the company’s flagship lavender concoction, and lime.

What it tastes like The lime first: fresh, zesty nose, with a whiff of sweet ripeness; in the mouth, lime cordial, and green on the finish instead of outright bitter. Interestingly, with water, the colour transforms from yellow (in the bottle) to a pinot grigio pale green. Next, lavender: fresh lavender, oregano, marjoram and very subtle clove on the nose; with water, lavender and sweet orange take the lead, evolving into dried herbs. If these two are typical, Scrappy’s house style is much less bitter than most brands, but with a flavour freshness that’s ideal for dressing drinks with aromatic top layers.

Available from Proof and Company (Singapore), Proof and Company (Hong Kong).