Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week: craft beer’s new direction, intriguing wine bottles, the next Mexican spirit sensation and a lost Italian drink once fit for a king.

Your next beer may taste like a cocktail, as craft revolution pushes on
[Chicago Tribune]
From coffee to the kitchen, craft beer’s quest for flavours has taken in many sources of inspiration. Now, this Chicago brewer has teamed up with the Branca family to produce a beer with their famous bitter. Is this the future?

Pot, peyote, and snakes: the rise of northern Mexico’s best drink
[Roads & Kingdoms]
With mezcal becoming more mainstream by the minute, interest in Mexico’s next big thing has turned to sotol. Alec Jacobson heads to northern Mexico to find out more from the sotoleros themselves.

Meet the Grandfather of Forgotten Italian Aperitifs
If you’ve not heard of rosolio then you’re about to thank Giuseppe Gallo for letting you in on one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. This is the story of a drink fit for a king and how one Italian is improving it for the modern palate.

Atypical wine bottle designs hit shelves
Wine’s getting a new look for the New Year with these unusual bottles. Some of them are matching atypical wines to an atypical bottle, others play to theme, but all want to stand out on the shelves.