Brander Urstoff lager. By Jonathan White.

What is it? Brander Urstoff fresh premium lager. This particular can had a rather spiffy festive makeover.

How is it made? For all the beer snobs who started foaming at the mouth when they read lager, here’s where it gets interesting. While the brand dates back to 1688 and the Bavarian castle of Brand, this lager is a result of the brewer coming to China in the summer of ’16. This Brander Urstoff is made right here in China using malt and hops imported from the fatherland which are then brewed up with local water by their German braumeister to those oft-touted German Purity Laws of 1516 – we bet they never expected that when they came up with them 500 years ago. Great cross-cultural success.

How does it taste? Fresher than Will Smith in his first week at university. It’s a proper lager, both in the sense that it is only water, malt and hops, and that it tastes like exactly what should come to mind when you hear the word. Crisp, thirst-quenching and sessionable even without having to wear lederhosen, it’s a nice departure from the nuclear hop races and mega-abv beers that are becoming the norm. Rumour has it they have other beers planned and based on this lager we can’t wait to see what else they have in store – that’s a German-language pun and you’re welcome. Merry Christmas.


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