What is it Getting one perfect 100/100 score from the founders of Beer Advocate magazine is impressive; two confers god status. In Weihenstephaner’s case, the comparison is apt. The brewery, located in Friesling, Bavaria, can trace its origins back to the dawn of time – 1040 to be exact – giving it a strong claim (as it makes on its label) to be the world’s oldest brewery still brewing. Furthermore, Weihenstephaner’s original brewers were tied to a monastery (since destroyed). Today the name is perhaps most famous for its 100-point hefeweissbier, an unfiltered wheat beer, but this Original (the other beer to get 100 points), a helles-style lager, is just as essential. It’s a brew to unite all beer lovers, from imperial stout-blathering beardies in Austin to Snow- peeing karaoke kings in Xi’an.

What it tastes like Wet rock and metal sound out German lager on the nose, with capsicum, faint pepper and bread to draw you in. The texture then starts silken in the mouth, moving cleanly to mousse-y sweetness, before bitter-triggered refreshment arrives in waves of salivation. These beers have been available in Singapore and the region for some time, but the news now is the arrival of bar-friendly 330ml bottles – all the reason needed to include Weihenstephaner on these pages.

Available from Tuck Lee (Singapore).