Find out who’s on shift where during The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022. By Holly Graham.

Tuesday 4 October

  • Chori Brunch with Tres Monos, Floreria Atlantico, Cochinchina and Chintoneria (Buenos Aires) and Salmon Guru (Madrid) at Especiarium. 11am-4pm
  • Disaronno and Perrier networking brunch at Terrace 83.3. 12-3pm.
  • Round table with Jean Trinh (Alquimico, Cartagena); Julio Cabrera (La Trova, Miami); Diego Cabrera (Salmon Guru, Madrid); Patrick Pistolesi (Drink Kong, Rome); Krystian Hordejuk (Galaxy, Dubai);
    Gina Barbachano (Hanky Panky, Mexico City) and Lidiyanah ‘Yana’ K (Atlas, Singapore) at The Edition. 11.30am-2pm.
  • “The Evolution” new menu presentation at Paradiso. 1-3pm
  • Artesian (London) at Dr Stravinsky. 2-5pm
  • The World’s 50 Best Bars ceremony. 6.30-11pm
  • The Pontiac (Hong Kong) at Lucky Schmuck. 11pm-2am
  • Maybe Sammy (Sydney) at Fat Schmuck. 11pm-2am
  • Katana Kitten (New York) at Two Schmucks. 11pm-2am

Wednesday 5 October

  • Cafe La Trova and Sweet Liberty (Miami) at Fat Schmuck. 3-8pm
  • Jigger & Pony, Manhattan, Republic Bar and Nutmeg & Clove (Singapore) at Dr Stravinsky. 7pm-midnight
  • Stig Bareksten, Simone Bodini, Lucio D’orsi, Gregorio Soriente (The Zetter Townhouse), Federico Pavan and Daniele Azzaro (Donovan Bar, London), at Dry Martini. 7pm-late
  • Silver Leaf (London) and Keith Motsi (Virtu, Tokyo) at Libertine (Casa Bonay). 7.30pm-1am
  • Barmania (Speed cocktail competition with bartenders for charity) at Lucky Schmuck. 8-10.30pm
  • Galaxy Bar (Dubai) at The Punch Room (The Edition). 8pm-midnight
  • Tres Monos (Buenos Aires) at Creps al Born. Time TBC
  • Giuseppe Carneli (Lennon’s, Bangkok) at Galelio. 9pm-onwards
  • Giovanni Tavano (Məg, Ibiza) at Lilith & Sons. 9pm-late
  • Poder Latino with Alquimico (Cartegena), Licoreia Limantour (Mexico City), Cafe La Trova (Miami), Hanky Panky (Mexico City) and Salmon Guru (Madrid) at Cabaret (The Edition). 10pm-2am
  • Floreria Atlantico (Buenos Aires) and Licoreria Limantour (Mexico City) at Lucky Schmuck. 10.30pm-2am

Thursday 6 October

  • New menu presentation at Galileo. 1-3pm
  • Quattro Teste (Lisbon) at 14 de la Rosa. 6-9pm
  • Penicillin (Hong Kong) at Dr Stravinsky. 7-10pm
  • Nico de Soto at Libertine (Casa Bonay). 9pm-2.30am
  • Sago House, 28 HongKong Street, Jigger & Pony and ATLAS (Singapore) at Galileo. 8-11pm


Friday 30 September – Thursday 6 October

  • Angelita (Madrid) takeover at Hotel 1898. 7pm-1am

Saturday 1 October 

  • Casa Prunes (Mexico City) at Dr Stravinsky. 7-10pm
  • Patrick Pistolesi (Drink Kong, Rome) and Fabio La Pietra (Subastor, Sao Paolo) at Galelio. 8.30pm-onwards

Sunday 2 October

  • Aldama (New York) at Pulitzer Terrace. 1-4pm
  • Mexican Takeover with Handshake (Mexico City), Café de Nadie (Mexico City), La Punta (Rome), Barrio Negro (Mexico City) at Libertine (Casa Bonay). 1-5pm
  • Tropic City and Vesper (Bangkok) at The Hoxton. 5-9pm
  • The Clumsies (Athens) at Dr Stravinsky. 7-10pm
  • Tres Monos (Buenos Aires) and Drink Kong (Rome) at Monk. Time TBC
  • Deke Dunne (Allegory, Washington DC) at Libertine (Casa Bonay). 8pm-midnight
  • Charné van Heerden (The House of Machines, Cape Town) at Especiarium. 8pm-1am
  • Benjamin Cavanga (1930, Milan) at Galileo. 8pm-onwards
  • Side Hustle (London) and Candelaria (Paris) at Lucky Schmuck. 8pm-midnight
  • Jay Khan (COA, Hong Kong) at Paradiso. 9pm-midnight
  • Ponyboy and Mister Paradise (New York) at Clubhaus. 11pm-2am

Monday 3 October

  • The Cambridge Public House (Paris) at 14 de la Rosa. 4-7pm
  • Lorenzo Antinori (ARGO, Hong Kong) at Marlowe. 5-7pm
  • Handshake (Mexico City) at at Dr Stravinsky. 7-10pm
  • Satan’s Whiskers (London) at 14 de la Rosa. 7-11pm
  • Baba Au Rum (Athens) at Collage Cocktail Bar. 7pm-2am
  • Chintoneria (Buenos Aires) at Creps al Born. 8pm-onwards
  • 1862 Dry Bar (Madrid) at Caribbean Club. 9pm-midnight
  • Deke Dunne (Allegory, Washington DC) at Bobby’s Free. 9.30pm-onwards
  • Midnight Rambler (Dallas) at Alchemix. 9.30pm-2am
  • Like Minded Creatures (a pop-up by Alex Kratena, Matt Whiley and Luke Whearty) at Lucky Schmuck. 10pm-2am
  • Pietro Rizzo and Daniele Fierro (The Aubrey, London) and Francesco Braun (Ikigai Collection) at Galileo. 10pm -2am
  • Ago Perrone, Giorgio Bargiani and Maura Milla (The Connaught Bar) and Salvatore Calabrese and Federico Pavan (The Donovan Bar) at Sips. 11pm-1am (RSVP required)
  • Lucha Libre with Salmon Guru (Madrid), Alquimico (Cartagena), Hanky Panky (Mexico City), El Baron (Cartagena), Tres Monos (Buenos Aires), Floreria Atlantico (Buenos Aires), Sub Astor (Sao Paolo), Carnaval (Lima), Drink Kong (Rome) and 1930 (Milan) at Apolo. 11.30pm-late