Join a global cheers on a live feed broadcast from Hong Kong. By Holly Graham.

World Sake Day has been celebrated on October 1 since 1978, as The Japan Sake Brewers Association chose this date to mark when most of the year’s rice has been harvested and breweries begin restarting production for the year.

Hong Kong has the largest number of sake consumers per capita and the greatest concentration of sake industry professionals, making it the ideal city to kick off this year’s celebrations. The World Sake Day (WSD) Global Kanpai and Sake Central, together with Hong Kong’s Oriental Sake Awards (OSA), Federation of Japanese Sake Industry of Hong Kong (FJSIHK), and venue partner KIN Food Halls is launching a live feed to allow industry professionals and sake enthusiasts to celebrate together.

On October 1 from 5.30-9.30pm HKT, join one of up to 300 live feeds of sake lovers logging in from around the world and raise your own limited edition World Sake Day Ochoko Sake Cup for a global kanpai at 7pm. To register and gain access to the feed, click here. A limited number of tickets are available to the public here.

The event will be hosted at Hong Kong’s KIN, where a large projection screen will broadcast all 300 feeds while guests enjoy a sake tasting, food offerings and photo and video booths. For those joining the event and based in Hong Kong, WSD Global Kanpai will be providing participants with sake and a limited edition ochoko. For those based outside of Hong Kong, WSD Global Kanpai to find out what can be sent.

To mark WSD 2022, the event aims to achieve the following milestones together:
-At least 22 venues sharing a live feed|
-At least 2222 people combined over the live stream
-At least 22 independant ambassadors of sake culture joining the live stream
-At least 22222 unique impressions over social media channels

If you are a restaurant, bar, brewery, importer, media partner or educator that wants to join the WSD Global Kanpai? Contact to find out more and register to join the party.