DRiNK’s managing editor Holly Graham pens her first book that shares the recipes, stories and history behind the cocktails, bars and people that define this spirited region. 

Hello, it’s me – Holly Graham, managing editor of DRiNK. I was going to write this third person but it felt odd so here I am, in all my first person glory, to tell you about my first book. 

After writing professionally for many years, I decided to go ahead and turn my words into something tangible: my purple bound baby called Cocktails of Asia.

It truly is a labour of love, and my homage to Asia’s cocktail scene. Many of DRiNK’s readers may know my name from my byline, but I guess a little background will help explain where I’ve got to now. I’ve lived in Asia for over 11 years, starting in rural Thailand, moving to South Korea’s capital of Seoul, and now Hong Kong, where I’m currently based.

Having spent most of my adult life in Asia, it’s safe to say I’m here for both a good time and a long time, and over the years have become more and more ingrained in the region’s bar industry through my work at DRiNK Magazine, The World’s and Asia’s 50 Best Bars, Tales of the Cocktail and more. Anyone who knows me, knows my love for our industry runs deep and flows through my veins, and after bars experienced an incredibly tough few years during COVID-19, it felt right to create a book that celebrates the best of what our bars have to offer.

Cocktails of Asia, at its core, is a recipe book. At its soul, it tells the stories about the people, products, bars and history that define our amazing scene, with some of my own anecdotes thrown in for good measure. At its heart, it is my love letter to the region and industry I am eternally grateful to be a part of.

As well as over 60 recipes from some of Asia’s best bartenders, discover the history behind forgotten Asian classics like the Bamboo, or what I suspect is the real story behind the infamous Singapore Sling, along with the updated recipe that is a lot more palatable than the original. Get a crash course in the 12 baijiu aromas, and learn all about one of my favourite beverages: makgeolli from South Korea.

Please, not only for me, but to help elevate the platform Asia’s bars truly deserve, grab a copy and get acquainted with the fantastic drinks and personalities featured. Cocktails of Asia is available in bookstores across Hong Kong (including Bookazine, Kelly & Walsh, Eslite and more). Outside of Hong Kong, it’s also available on Amazon.com and select retail points. It’s also available online on manmomedia.com.  

Stay spirited and happy reading!