lime juice


Get to know: Mojito

Rum-runners created Cuba's most famous cocktail, but revolutionaries forced it to travel.

Recipe: The Cuba Libre

A liberating mix of rum, Coca-Cola and just the right amount of lime.

Childhood by Sunny Xiao

For her boozy riff on the cheese tea cocktail, Chic Tail's Sunny Xiao balances passion fruit syrup with a crown of cream cheese foam.

Passion of Joel Robuchon by Mike Cheong

The DRINK Cocktail Bar at FOO'D by Davide Oldani mixologist's winning entry for the inaugural Teisseire Asia Flavour Masters Regional Competition.

Tiki Time by David Hong

The Tailor Group bartender's signature drink with tropical island leanings.

Coix Solero by Matthew Hall

Job's Tears goes tropical in this long drink at Hakkasan Shanghai by the restaurant group's Asia bars manager.
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