The Hong Kong Holdup by Tom Egerton

This cocktail was first featured in our story on making ingredients out of waste.

30ml White rum
5ml Overproof rum
20ml Falernum
20ml Aperol
50ml Housemade tepache*
20ml Lime Juice

Shake with ice and fine-strain over hibiscus scented ice**. Garnish with an orchid and a biodegradable straw.

*Tepache: 6kg pineapple skin; 400ml coconut water; 170g sugar; 6l water; 5g cinnamon sticks; 5g cloves; 5g allspice. Slice pineapple skins and squeeze out juice. Dissolve sugar in water and combine all ingredients in a sterilised jar. Leave in a warm environment for 3-5 days until fermentation has begun. Strain solids and chill.

**Hibiscus scented ice: freeze hibiscus tea.

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