This recipe was first featured in our round-up on Cheese Tea cocktails.

50ml Gin
30ml Jasmine green tea
30ml Lime juice
20ml House made passion fruit syrup
15ml Peach liqueur
A splash of fresh orange juice
Cream cheese foam*

Shake all the ingredients and serve in the coupe glass. Top with cheese cream foam and garnish with osmanthus flowers.

*Cheese foam (for eight drinks): Dissolve 60g cream cheese using hot water with 30g of sugar and 5g of sea salt. After it cools down, add 100ml of milk, 150ml of whipping cream and whip it up until it expands by 50 per cent. Add another 150ml of whipping cream, whip until it expands by 80 per cent and add 10ml of rosewater and continue to whip.