This recipe was first published as part of our Behind the Recipe feature on Spicy Not Spicy.

40ml Hainan yellow chilli rum*
30g Passionfruit puree
15ml Massenez crème de chamomile
20ml Yellow Chartreuse
20ml Lime juice
15ml Aquafaba
Passionfruit mango chilli pudding**

Shake all ingredients with ice, then remove ice and dry shake. Pour into rocks glass with ice and serve with passionfruit mango chilli pudding.

*Hainan yellow chilli rum: 600ml Flor de Cana 5 year gold rum; 400ml Havana Club 3 year rum; 250g fresh yellow chillies. Blend the ingredients together and let sit at room temperature for 1 hour. Distil in a rotovap or water distiller to near full extraction (slow rotation (approx. 80), with bath flask at 60C and full vacuum) – requires about 50 minutes for 2 litres in a 5 litre flask. Distillate will keep a strong nose for 60+ days.

**Passionfruit mango chilli pudding: 200ml fresh mango juice; 100ml passionfruit; 5ml chilli rum; 6g agar agar; 3g xanthan gum (2g and 1g respectively per 100ml liquid). Mix half of the liquid with powders and bring to a boil for 1 minute. Allow the mix to cool to 50C, then add the rest of the liquid and stir will. Refrigerate and allow to set.