G’Vine revamps it’s Nouaison gin with a new recipe and bottle. By Holly Graham.

What is it? G’Vine’s updated recipe for its Nouaison gin also has as sleek new bottle design and was launched late last year in London and Paris, as well as Singapore’s gin haven, Atlas.Founded by Jean-Sebastien Robicquet and produced in Cognac, France, G’Vine Nouaison uses ugni blanc grapes commonly used to produce cognac, along with 14 carefully selected botanicals including sandalwood, bergamot, prune, vetiveria and java pepper, distilled in small batches in a charentais style pot still.

How does it taste? On the nose, there’s a refreshing mintiness and a hint of blueberry. On the mouth, the sandalwood hits at the front, followed by citrus and bergamot notes, rounded by a smooth spiciness. Cocktail-wise, the Nouaison would work perfectly in a negroni.