A French take on gin from a 100-year-old recipe.

What is it Citadelle is made by cognac producer Maison Ferrand in southwest France to a century-old recipe from Dunkirk on the country’s northern coast. In total, 19 ingredients are used in the making of this gin, which are infused in a wholegrain spirit for three days, before it’s distilled in Charentais copper alembic stills – more commonly used in making cognac – for 12 hours over a naked flame.

What it tastes like A nose that’s strong in juniper, together with floral aromas, eucalyptus, mint and citrus. The taste is round with a slight heat on the finish.

Ingredients Juniper, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond, orris root, fennel, star anise, grains of paradise, orange peel, cardamom, violet root, lemon peel, coriander seed, cubeb, cassia bark, liquorice, summer savory, angelica, cumin.

Abv 44 per cent.