Coquito by Micaela Piccolo

Latin America’s playful answer to Eggnog gets its sweetness from canned milks, together with coconut, spices and rum for a drink nobody refuses.

Truffled Eggnog by Keith Motsi

This luxurious twist on a classic Eggnog at Four Seasons Seoul incorporates cardamom, truffle and fine cognac for a deluxe glass of holiday cheer.

Recipe: Gin and Milk

How to make the once popular Victorian breakfast drink.

Gun’s & Butter by Zero Chen

A head of parmesan foam adds umami to orange mate tea and gin in the Union Trading Company bartender's take on the cheese tea beverage.

Childhood by Sunny Xiao

For her boozy riff on the cheese tea cocktail, Chic Tail's Sunny Xiao balances passion fruit syrup with a crown of cream cheese foam.
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