This recipe was first featured in our story on Zuma Hong Kong’s new Bushido menu.

750ml Shiso-infused gin*
750ml Campari
750ml Sweet vermouth
450ml Umeshu

To make a batch of 27 x 100ml cocktails, combine the four spirits. For every 100g of liquid, add 1g of bentonite clay, mix well in a Thermomix and batch. To serve, give mix a stir, strain into a clay cup over a block of ice. Garnish with 3 dashes of plum bitters, shiso leaf garnish and a spritz of orange zest over the drink.

*Shiso-infused gin: Combine 40 pieces of chopped up shiso leaves with 750ml gin in an iSi siphon, charge with two soda chargers and rest siphon on ice for two hours. Double strain and pour back into the bottle.