sweet vermouth


Recipe: The Negroni

Bad day in the office? Need something to soothe the nerves after ordering that pesky kid to be whacked? Time for a Negroni.

Beginning of the End by Paul Mathew

A recipe based on the Fin de Siècle (“End of the Century”) cocktail from the 1890s, but with the rum replacing gin and sherry in place of bitters.

Honda Negroni by Arcadius Rybak

Named for legendary samurai Honda Tadakatsu, this shiso-flavoured take on the gin classic features a touch of clay for mouthfeel.

Tangan Raja by James Cooper

Rich musang king durians add a funky aroma atop a cocktail of rum, Campari and sweet vermouth at Kuala Lumpur's Shelley Yu's.
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