Tanqueray with a burst of citrus. By Natasha Hong.

What is it? Rangpur finally sails to our region after an 11-year-gap from its launch in the US in 2006. Tanqueray has mined gin’s British-Indian history for its narrative, incorporating native-to-the-subcontinent Rangpur limes – which is more clementine in looks, with Mandarin oranges and lime zest dominating the palate – and this offshoot may find prove a useful tool for bartenders looking to lure drinkers to the juniper camp with its fresh, floral and citrus scents masking juniper’s bite.

How does it taste? As a base to build cocktails on, a touch of citrussy restraint can be exercised, with the Rangpur fruit contributing a good lashing of sweetness, acidity and the bitter edge of lime peel ruling the tastebuds before the juniper kicks in on the finish.