With J Boroski Ashley Sutton’s drinks empire expands in HK. 

Following on from Ophelia, designer Ashley Sutton teams up with “mixsultant” Joseph Boroski to bring their Bangkok creative cocktail space to Hong Kong’s Central district. The venue’s location is kept secret, meaning patrons must request an invitation by calling or messaging Joseph via social media or email. Rows and rows of real rhinoceros beetles – a Boroski signature – stud the walls in the small and ambient space, and admission is seating only, owing to its bespoke cocktail concept. The absence of a menu means that the drinks are tailor-made for guests, once bartenders have quizzed them on their preferences. Though the new opening bears some similarities to its Bangkok counterpart, the ingredients used here differ from the original, with the team looking locally for their flavours. “J.Boroski is constantly evolving because we strive to create the best drinks we can at all times, yet no two drinks are the same,” says the bar’s namesake.


J.Boroski Hong Kong is open from 7pm daily, and entry is granted on an invitation-only basis. To request a seat and location details, call +852 2603 6020. Alternatively, email hk@jboroski.com or drop Boroski a message via Facebook.