This recipe was first published as part of our cocktail history feature on Gin and Milk.

How to make the once popular Victorian breakfast drink.

60ml Gin
150ml Full cream milk
15ml Simple syrup (or orgeat)

For a cold drink, stir over ice and serve up in a whisky glass – you can even omit the ice. However, hot service is what really brings the aromas and texture to life. Simply build in a warmed glass using hot milk. Consider using a battery-powered mini beater to generate some froth. Easier still, the steam wand on an espresso machine lets you simultaneously heat and foam the drink. Finish with an aromatic garnish. Most traditional is a dusting of nutmeg, but a floated star anise can work, as can a drop of aromatic bitters. Orgeat makes an interesting switch for simple syrup. For the gin, old tom is suitably Victorian, but London dry also works. Oude genever is delicious if available.