9. Tobacco

The dangers of tobacco are well known and its health hazards are no different in the bar industry. When it is used in bars, tobacco flavours syrups, bitters or spirits to impart a distinct smoky note to a concoction. During this preparation, nicotine is released inside the liquid and ingested by imbibers at every sip.

Cocktailsafe tells of “drinkers that have reported feeling effects – dizziness and heart palpitations – from only very small amounts (drops and dashes) of tobacco-infused alcohol.”

According to an article on Medical News Today, “Tobacco products that are chewed, placed inside the mouth, […] tend to release considerably larger amounts of nicotine into the body than smoking.”

Such intake increases the possibility of nicotine poisoning, a serious condition which presents symptoms spanning from nausea, dizziness and headaches to seizures or respiratory failures and, in extreme cases, death.