Endless Light by Simone Caporale

The bar's bespoke vessels

This drink first appeared in our feature in our feature on Marque d’Amour in Seoul.

45ml Kinobi gin
20ml Tanqueray export
15ml Tio Pepe sherry
15ml Americano Cocchi
15ml Genmaicha cordial*
10ml Sake
1ds Peychaud’s bitters

Stir down all ingredients and serve in bespoke “hands” vessel.

*Genmaicha cordial: 500g caster sugar; 500ml genmaicha tea**; 36g malic acid; 25g citric acid. Stir all ingredients together until dissolved.

**Genmaicha tea: 520ml water; 20g genmaicha tea. Brew for three minutes.

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