A coconut rum that won’t coat your teeth. By Holly Graham.

What is it? A blend of Guatemalan and Caribbean rums, Aluna’s toasted coconut flavours are all-natural. The Guatemalan rum is made with virgin sugarcane honey that’s been fermented by yeast extracted from pineapples, giving the spirit fruity and floral aromas, while the blend of Caribbean rums from Trinidad and Guyana add more traditional notes. The blend is then cut to 35 percent abv, at which point they add sustainably sourced coconut water and a small amount of sugar.

How does it taste? On the nose, it’s light with a subtle coconut aroma followed by a hint of fresh banana. Thankfully, it doesn’t come with the cloying teeth-fuzziness on the mouth that a lot of coconut rums are guilty of, courtesy of the low sugar content. Toasty with hints of vanilla and cocoa, the finish is smooth and clean, and its trendy bottling is a world away from other coconut rums. Aluna would make a great base for a lighter Pina Colada or coconut daiquiris and mojitos – also pleasant sipped neat or on ice.