This recipe was first published as part of our Behind the Recipe feature on The Peranakan.

1000ml Rum infusion*
500ml Goat’s milk
250ml Coconut water
100g Jackfruit

Bring all liquids to the boil then add the jackfruit, which will cause the milk to split. Strain with cheesecloth and collect the curds to make a jelly** for garnish.

*Rum infusion: 250ml Indian rum; 10g galangal; 1g laksa leaves; 10g tamarind; 1g dried pandan; 10g candlenut; 5g gula melaka. Sous vide at 55C for two hours.

**Jelly recipe: 100g of curds; 2g pandan; 50ml coconut milk ; 2g butterfly blue pea flower; 2 per cent Iota carrageenan. Bring to the boil and refrigerate in moulds overnight.