This drink first appeared in our feature on Pocket in Seoul.

“A bright, refreshing play on the summertime staple Pina Colada. Pineapple skin rum introduces all the funky, floral notes of the fruit while the Pina Colada soda keeps things light and low waste with a full flavour extraction from every part of the coconuts, pineapples and limes.”

45ml Pineapple skin rum*
180ml Pina Colada soda**

Pour pineapple skin rum into a highball glass with a large ice spear. Top with Pina Colada soda and garnish with reclaimed umbrella. Serve with a bamboo straw.

*Pineapple Skin Rum (yields 1l): 1l white rum; 1kg pineapple skins. Combine ingredients into vacuum bag and seal. Sous vide at 55 degrees C for four hours. Strain through nut milk bag and bottle.

**Pina Colada Soda (yields 18l): 5l coconut syrup***; 4l filtered water; 6l pineapple stock*****; 2l pineapple juice; 1l lime stock******; 30g citric acid. Add all ingredients into 20l corny keg and shake to combine ingredients and dissolve citric acid. Refrigerate until chilled, then force carbonate at 50psi for ten minutes.

***Coconut Syrup (yields 500ml): 100g shredded coconut meat
; 500ml coconut water syrup****. Vacuum seal all ingredients in bag. Sous vide at 55C for 4 hours. Strain through nut milk bag and bottle.

****Coconut Water Syrup (yields 400ml): 250ml coconut water; 150g white sugar; 50g lactose.  Combine all ingredients in pot and bring to a boil to dissolve lactose. Let cool and bottle.

*****Pineapple Stock (yields 1l): 500g pineapple skins/cores/pulp; 1l water. Bring water and pineapple scraps to a boil and turn off heat. Allow to cool and strain through nut milk bag. Measure and top back up to 1l with water. Bottle and refrigerate.

******Lime Stock (yields 750ml): 1kg lime husks; 1.5L filtered water; 60g (or 8 per cent) white sugar; 22.5g (or 3 per cent) citric acid; 15g (or 2 per cent) malic acid. Bring water to a boil, turn off heat and add husks. Allow to steep for one to five minutes (adjust time depending on when stock starts to taste bitter) then remove husks immediately with strainer. Strain liquid through nut milk bag, return to pot and reduce by 50 per cent to 750ml. Combine remaining ingredients and stir until dissolved. Bottle and refrigerate.