This recipe was featured as part of our story on Penicillin.

65ml Chivas 12
25ml Lemon juice
13ml Ginger juice syrup*
13ml Honey syrup**
7ml Peated Islay whisky

Shake everything except the Islay whisky over ice. Strain into a rocks glass filled with large ice cubes. Mist the surface of the drink with the Islay whisky – a float can also work. Garnish with a piece of preserved ginger. Given that the peaty aromas are a big part of this drink, it is best served without a straw.

Some recipes suggest ginger liqueur in place of the ginger juice mix. This simple route can work in a pinch, but fails to get the assertive ginger notes that make the drink. A better alternative is to start by muddling slices of fresh ginger in a mixing tin and work from there.

*Ginger juice syrup: Process peeled fresh ginger in a juicer. Strain and blend the juice with sugar to make a 1:1 syrup. The spicy ginger bite soon fades, so make this fresh every day or two.

**Honey syrup: 3 parts honey; 1 part water. Mix both ingredients to produce a pourable syrup.