The Gran fine crystal whisky glasses launch in Asia.

Singapore-based whisky expert Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, whisky educator and director of Spun Spirits has collaborated with luxury crystal glassware brand Lucaris to design and develop a range of sleek whisky tasting glasses.

Aimed at whisky lovers, luxury hotels and upscale whisky bars of varying scales, the glasses have launched in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Delhi. 

Taking its name from the Gaelic word for grain, the Gran collection features four glasses for tasting different whiskies as below:

The Classic:
Good for: balanced whisky

The Delicate
Good for: emphasising fruity, floral and grassy notes in more delicate whisky and enhancing the nose

The Sherried
Good for: allowing the whisky to develop a rich aroma due to a wider bowl increasing interaction between whisky and air, bringing out deep dried fruit and chocolate notes of sherry cask whiskies.

The Peated
Good for: expressing the richer, earthier notes of peated whisky