Bruichladdich’s new master distiller’s take on the heavily peated Port Charlotte. 

These tasting notes were first published in our sponsored story on Bruichladdich.

The House of Bruichladdich always intended to create three version of Bruichladdich – two versions of different peatiness on top of the Laddie. Port Charlotte was the first of these and at 40ppm, remains one of the peatiest malts available from Islay. This release was matured in first-fill bourbon, sherry, tempranillo and French wine casks. It is bottled at 50 per cent abv.

Tasting notes Brambles and blackberries, fresh gingerbread, sea salted caramel, peaty smokiness.

Mood The spirit cries “freedom”. You’re in a good place and envy no man. At this moment, you feel alive and ready for whatever comes next. Enjoy the first sip and await the moment the smoke lingers on. The true spirits of Islay is with you.