Adam Hannett’s interpretation of the Octomore 10, with even more peat than the record-breaking first bottling. 

These tasting notes were first published in our sponsored story on Bruichladdich.

The latest release in the series of the world’s most heavily peated whisky. Usually presented at five years old, this Octomore 10 has a phenol count of 167ppm – a challenge to the maltsters. Bairds of Inverness, as the first Octomore 10 was only 80.5ppm. The liquid is 60 per cent full-term fresh bourbon and 40 per cent full-term grenache blanc casks, which has been bottled at 57.3 per cent abv.

Tasting notes Leather and polished wood, chocolate hazelnuts, almonds, pipe ash and peat.

Mood Long summer nights turn into autumn – breathe in the peat smoke as the days draw in and the sun sets over the sea. There is a feeling with Octomer tha there will always be a secret to reveal.