What is it: Monkey 47 was founded by former Nokia man Alexander Stein in Schwarzwald, or the Black Forest, in Germany. The name comes from a local guesthouse ran by a British expat in the 1950s, who also made the gin that eventually became a source of inspiration for Stein. Consisting of 47 ingredients with a third of them coming from the Black Forest, the botanicals are distilled in a locally made copper still.

What it tastes like: A juniper nose with dark floral notes, together with grapefruit, sarsaparilla, liquorice, spice. Tastes creamy, slightly sweet and spicy.

Ingredients: Juniper, allspice, honey pomelo, English hawthorn, orange, liquorice, clove, blackberry, ginger, sage, acacia flower, angelica root, rosehip, verbena, nutmeg, jasmine, musk mallow, lavender, grains of paradise, marshmallow, scarlet beebalm, spruce shoot, and 25 other plants.