Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week: craft beer saves America, Penglai vies to be the best Chinese wine, a wine bar without bottles, and more.

Craft beer’s big impact on small towns and forgotten neighbourhoods [Curbed]
The decline of rural America may be arrested by craft beer, as more breweries, taprooms and bars appear in small communities. By serving as gathering places, job creators and a source of local pride, here’s how some brewers are breathing life back into forgotten towns and flyover states.

Wine on a mission  [China Daily]
Penglai in China’s Shandong province is making waves in the wine world, as more big-name wineries sprout up there, Bordeaux behemoth Chateau Lafite being one of them. But with the long-established Yantai nearby and Ningxia on most people’s minds, here’s how Penglai is working to claim the title of China’s top wine area.

No Bottles Are Available At This New York City Wine And Coffee Bar  [Food Republic]
River Coyote is a wine bar that won’t sell you a bottle. Instead, all the vino comes in kegs and dispensed by nitrogen, resulting in a fresh pour every time. Here’s how the NYC watering hole navigated its limited liquor licence to come up with something different from the competition.

How a Motley Crew of Bartenders Transformed Chicago’s Drink Scene [Punch]
Cities with a thriving craft cocktail scene tend to look like family trees, with successful venues tracing their lineage back to the first bar that brought it all. For Chicago, that’s The Violet Hour, and here’s a look at how the bar set the stage for drink making today in the Windy City.

Where Hong Kong got its hangovers at the handover: 12 favourite bars of the mid-1990s remembered [South China Morning Post]
Hong Kong’s local newspaper SCMP looks back at the 12 now-shuttered bars that were once popular in the lead up to the territory’s handover.