Beckaly Franks has your summer soundtrack sorted. By Jonathan White.

If you’re anything like us you have been blasting out the first DRiNK Playlist for the last couple of months and now you’ve got double the dope tracks thanks to Beckaly Franks of the always-rocking Pontiac in Hong Kong.

Funkmaster Franks has in fact given us three different playlist recommendations from Pontiac – daytime, evening and a “midnight special” – and they are all available to be enjoyed in full right now over on Spotify and below.

You can read along with it in the next issue of DRiNK, where Beckaly reveals all about the music policy at Ponty, why everyone needs an Alice The Wizard and which too inexplicably popular hitmakers are not welcome on the speakers.

Don’t forget you can still listen to Warren Pang’s debut Playlist, where he soundtracks a night at Janes & Hooch in Beijing. Point your browser at drinkmagasia on Spotify for that and the next Playlist in a couple of month’s time.