This recipe was first published as part of our feature on how to make kombucha.

45ml Celery infused tequila*
30ml Beer and mugwort kombucha**
5ml Celery juice
5ml Lemon juice
10ml Beer sugar syrup***
Celery caviar, for garnish****
SCOBY jube for garnish*****

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass with celery caviar inside. Garnish with SCOBY jube.

*Celery infused altos tequila: 1 bottle tequila; 4 stalks of celery with leaves. Lightly crush celery and leaves and place in bottle with tequila. Leave to infuse for at least one or two days.

**Beer and mugwort kombucha: 150g SCOBY; 2l Beer; 2l Water; 250g Wild mugwort leaves; 3 per cent weight of all liquids in raw sugar or honey. Heat water to 80C and make a tea with half of the mugwort leaves and sugar. Allow ingredients to infuse for six hours; strain and allow to cool to 40C. Mix together mugwort tea, remaining mugwort leaves and SCOBY in a glass jar; cover with a cloth and a rubber band or string. Store in a dark place and leave to ferment for three to six weeks.

***Beer sugar syrup: 500ml beer; 500ml sugar. Boil beer and sugar together in a pot until reduced by half. Cool and store in a glass bottle.

****Celery caviar: 1.5 litres of frozen soy bean oil; 2 Whole bunches celery, juiced (about 2100ml of juice); 10g Agar; 2 drops celery bitters. Place 200ml of celery juice into a pot with 50ml water and agar; bring to boil and simmer until all agar has dissolved. Remove from heat and pour into a bowl; whisk in another 800ml of celery juice and celery bitters. Allow to cool to 50C, then place into a squeeze bottle. Decant frozen oil into a large bowl and slowly squeeze drops of celery juice into the frozen oil (it will form into little spheres). Once all of the liquid has been dropped into the oil, strain and then wash gently with the cold oil and store in 200ml of celery juice and a drop of celery bitters.

*****SCOBY jube: 300-400g SCOBY; 200g caster sugar. Dehydrate SCOBY in a dehydrator until it reaches jube consistency and texture. Cut into strips or squares and roll in caster sugar.