dark rum


This Singapore bar may have Asia’s largest rum collection

Origin at the Shangri-La, Singapore boasts a rum collection sourced from all over the world, complimented by unique in-house creations and blends.

Rum Shangoty by Nyan Min

The "Mix Your Origin" MONIN Cup 2018 regional finals from winner Nyan Min.

Tangan Raja by James Cooper

Rich musang king durians add a funky aroma atop a cocktail of rum, Campari and sweet vermouth at Kuala Lumpur's Shelley Yu's.

D25th by Peter Chua

Christmas meets the odorous fruit in this cocktail by Crackerjack's head bartender.

Grasshopper by Sam Jeavons

A creamy rum cocktail with chocolate liqueur from London's oddball rummery, Burlock.