This cocktail was first featured in our story on making ingredients out of waste.

60ml Ancho Reyes
30ml White rum
30ml Coconut cream*
30ml Lime Superjuice**
15ml Maraschino
15ml Amontillado sherry
1 tsp Low sodium soy sauce

Shake with crushed ice and serve cobbler-style in a second-use coconut, garnished with a pineapple crown.

*Coconut cream: Young coconut; coconut milk; water; vanilla; sugar. Scrape meat from the coconut and place in a reusable container. Weigh meat, add an equal amount of coconut milk and water, then vanilla to taste. Add the mix to a blender with sugar at a 1:1 by final weight of coconut mix. Blend until thoroughly incorporated, bottle and refrigerate.

**Lime superjuice: Limes, water, sugar, isolated citric acid, malic acid. Peel/zest enough limes to yield 650ml of juice (approximately 30 limes), strain juice and measure the volume, set aside juice in a reusable container. Put peels into a pot with 1.5l water and boil for 4-5 minutes, then strain out the peels/zest. Measure liquid and return to pot over high heat. Reduce the liquid to 650ml (or whatever original amount of juice was). Remove from heat and add 8% sugar, 3% isolated citric acid and 2% malic acid. Refrigerate and incorporate into fresh juice once cold (do not put in freezer).