What is it? Aussie iconoclasts Moon Dog could be seen as barking mad, putting the lunar in lunacy with their envelope-torturing concoctions – their beerography includes a Bloody Mary breakfast ale and one made with Redskins, an Aussie candy. This Watermelon Weizen follows in the footsteps of their Magnificent Mullet fruit beer series – Melon Gibson, Billy Ray Citrus, MacGuava – with a wheat beer inspired by German wheat beers.

How does it taste? Three malts (pilsner, rolled wheat and malted wheat), cascade hops and German wheat yeast meet watermelon, lime and fresh mint in the brew and the result is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Cucumber and oregano (or is it soap?) on the nose, then hints of orange and pineapple, before cucumber and watermelon reach the palate. Plus banana – it is a wheat beer after all. Refreshes like a ceviche toothpaste or a mojito salad, which is fittingly zany for the Moon Dog boys.