This recipe was first published in our story on Negroni Week 2017.

By James Barker, 208 Duecento Otto, Hong Kong, to benefit Slow Food International.

“This is a summer Negroni to quench people’s thirst. It’s also an effort to transport the delicious Negroni profile away from its traditional spirituous demeanour towards something more light-hearted. My favourite yoghurt as a kid was fromage frais, which used to come with a small toy inside – so it’s fun times all round when you order a Fro Yo.”

20ml Campari
20ml Sweet vermouth
20ml London dry gin
20ml Sugar syrup
3ds Saline solution
1 Scoop yoghurt gelato
1 Scoop cubed ice

Blend ingredients with ice until slushy, pour into a flute. Garnish with Peychaud’s bitters and a toy figure.