It’ll be like a 4th of July party, but in May.

Step aside, gin (for now) – malt is in the house. Proof & Company, one of Singapore’s biggest distributors of made-in-the-USA booze, is making the case for whiskey at its first ever Whiskey Weekend on May 20 and 21.

At the two-day, consumer-driven festival at The Great Escape, activities like the apple-pie-happy Bourbon Bake Off, Blind Tasting Booth and Whiskey Tasting Bar aim to show off the spirit’s versatility and approachability. Watering the event are the teams from 28 Hong Kong Street, Employees Only, Manhattan and Skinny’s Lounge, and craft beer importers The Drinkery, with SGD10 whiskey cocktails and draft beers. Punters can also make their own Mint Julep with Hudson Whiskey and mint from a ComCrop urban farm wall.

Additionally, rare bottles like Blood Oath Bourbon Pact No3 and Willett’s XCF Exploratory Cask bottlings will make an appearance, experts from EC Proof and Manhattan Bar will conduct educational sessions, and a number of master distillers will be visiting. Tune in to their event page for updates.