This recipe was first published in our feature on cocktails for vegans

This drink draws on the concept of botanical error. Firstly, with the story of explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who thought he’d found the secret to eternal life when he arrived on the island of Bimini, but due to an error in translation, had simply found a vine that grew near a waterfall (or so the story goes). The second error was in relation to the nutritious qualities of spinach and a misplaced decimal point in the research. Apparently Popeye wasn’t getting nearly as much iron from his diet, but he did a good job of marketing the leaf nevertheless!

40ml Olive vine-infused vegetarian dry vermouth*
20ml Bombay Sapphire gin
2ds Merlet creme de poire
2ds Maraschino liqueur
7ml Aquafaba chickpea brine
2ds Coco husk bitters**
Drops of spinach and olive oil, and toasted almond and sunflower oil

Shake all the ingredients except for the oils using a dry-shake, then add ice and shake again. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with drops of spinach and toasted almond oil (adding aroma and garnish).

*Infuse vermouth with a handful of chopped, dried olive vine leaves and stems for 1 hour then strain.

**Macerate dry mature coconut husk in strong neutral spirit (eg overproof vodka) to extract colour, flavour and oils.

NOTE: Volumes are approximate as ingredients are prepared in batches.