What is it Famed cognac house Hine developed this new label with the French Bartenders Association, in response to growing demand for cocktail-friendly cognac. No decanter-shaped extravagance here, thankfully, but a tall, straight-up bottle that would easily slip into a speed rail. Inside, it’s Fine Champagne VSOP, meaning a blend of 20 different eaux de vie all produced in either the Grande or Petite Champagne sub-regions. The liquid first spends six to nine months in new barrels – to give a tannic and oak boldness not usually associated with cognacs – before being further aged in older, seasoned barrels.

What it tastes like Nose: orange zest, cherry, jujube, tobacco and maple syrup. Palate: full- bodied, red pepper-laced heat, with lemon and redcurrant zest, followed by a sweeter mid-palate, soaked raisin and a long, dry finish with hints of mint. Definitely burly enough to sub into any bourbon recipe. 40 per cent abv.

Available from Singapore – Brand Connect