Zuzana Cerven Kromková, assistant manager at Manhattan Bar, Singapore

Yeonju Sophia Kang, head bartender at Manhattan Bar, Singapore

Sarissa Rodriguez Schwartz, Founder of SJS Group Singapore (LuLu’s Lounge, Employees Only Singapore, Employees Only Hong Kong, Bang Bang Nightclub, Pasta Bar and Papi’s Tacos)

Shelley Tai, bar manager at Nutmeg and Clove, Singapore

Giselle Lee, bar apprentice at Employees Only, Singapore

Winna Uyliong, resident bartender at Writers Bar, Singapore

Charmaine Ann Thio, regional brand ambassador SEA at Hendrick’s Gin, Singapore

Simone Dyson, business development manager at La Maison Du Whisky Singapore

Liz Teo, managing partner at Employees Only Singapore

Denise Khan Tan, customer marketing at Bacardi, Singapore

Nicole Roche, brand manager of Dyspatchr, Singapore

Anna Princena, bar supervisor at MO Bar, Singapore

Simin Kayhan, co-founder of Paper Lantern Distilling, Singapore

Juan Yi Jun, co-founder of No Sleep Club, Singapore

MunnYi Chan spirits advisor and event coordinator, Proof & Company, Singapore

Jana Yar, booze photographer, Singapore

Hazel Long, bartender at Junior, Singapore

Stefanie Goh, director at Distilled LLP and owner of Birdy Brew (Artisanal Cold Brew Coffee)

Celia Schoonraad, co-founder and creative director at The Compound Collective and creative director and proprietor of Barbary Coast, Singapore

Iris Gaile Raymundo, bar manager at Quaich Bar Waterfront Plaza, Singapore

Sarah Thallon, sales manager of TSH Group, Singapore

Monica Koo, bartender at The Mark (Work Project), Singapore

Nadia Nurin, assistant mixologist at Ce La Vi, Singapore

Zerlina Zhuang, founder of Spirits Castle Pte Ltd and, Singapore

Michelle Ki, bartender at Chihuly Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore

Yana Keller, head bartender at Atlas, Singapore

Sylvia Chong, bar supervisor at Atlas, Singapore

Erin Lim, senior bartender at Atlas, Singapore

Emerie Lee, junior bartender at Atlas, Singapore

Niza Treechanasin, bar manager at Restaurant Eclipse, Singapore

Trisha “Taco” Leong, bartender at Night Hawk, Singapore

Natasha Valentine, junior bartender at Atlas, Singapore

Vicky Hwang, owner of Atlas, Singapore

Nadine Hosford, food & beverage director of at Atlas, Singapore

Kino Soh, Brand ambassador at Brass Lion Distillery, Singapore

Jamie Koh, Founder and managing director of Brass Lion Distillery / The Beast / The Chupitos Shots Bar, Singapore

Amy Koh, Distiller and master blender, Brass Lion Distillery, Singapore

Ronalie Carranza, general manager at Barbary Coast, Singapore

Jovin Peh, bartender at The Elephant Room, Singapore

Marie Nakazawa, head bartender at The Other Roof, Singapore

Priscilla Leong, founder and managing director of The Flowing Bowl, Singapore

Agnes Kuan, bar manager at Fat Prince, Singapore
Som Scarlet Lee, Som Scarlet Lee, head bartender, Neon Pigeon, Singapore
Rachel Ling, regional manager – Asia at Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Singapore

Shilpee Mishra, general manager at Neon Pigeon, Singapore

Kathy Gutierrez, assistant manager at The Other Roof, Singapore

Kim Choong, founder and editor of Thirstmag, Singapore

Bannie Kang, co-founder of Sidedoor, Singapore and winner of World Class 2019

Eileen Colzani, bar manager at Smoke & Mirrors, Singapore

Aki Nakata, bartender at Origin Bar, Singapore

Cherry Lee Cheawon, junior bartender at Origin Bar, Singapore

Olivia Lee, senior bartender at Republic Bar, Singapore

Cassandra Sim, bartender at Republic Bar, Singapore

Karina Coleen Lugtu, bartender at Republic Bar, Singapore

Victoire Desvigne, general manager Asia for Fever Tree