This recipe was first published as part of our trend feature on Willy Park winning the Patrón Perfectionists North Asia final.

45ml Patron Reposado
3ds Chilli tincture*
30ml Cranberry and hazelnut cordial**
15ml Sherry
10ml Citron agave***

*Chilli tincture: 16g deseeded chillies; 100g Vodka 100g. Steep for one week, then strain.

**Cranberry and hazelnut cordial: 500g Cranberry juice; 250g Sugar; 160g Hazelnuts; 6bsp Cacao nibs; 10g Tartaric acid. Sous vide for two hours at 52C.

***Citron agave: 500g Agave; 100g Water; 3 spent limes; 2g Pink peppercorns; 3 Kaffir lime leaves, 2g Cardamom. Sous vide for two hours at 52C.

Stir down all ingredients and pour into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a lime peel.