This drink first appeared in our feature in our feature on Charlie’s, Guangzhou.

30ml Charlie’s house made coffee liqueur
40ml Flor de Cana rum infused with spent coffee grounds
30ml Single espresso
Salted mascarpone foam*

Shake hard, briefly, with plenty of ice so you get a thick coffee foam. Single strain into a coupe glass and top up with the mascarpone foam; garnish with a sprinkle of cacao powder.

*Salted mascarpone foam: 150g mascarpone cheese; 300g cream; 3 pinches sea salt; 1 pinch of sugar. Put mascarpone cheese in a bowl and soften by folding over with a spatula. Slowly mix in cream until the mixture is smooth and the cream is thoroughly incorporated, then add 3 generous pinches of sea salt and a pinch of sugar. Pour mix into a 500ml ISI creamer and charge with one nitrous charger. Chill before using; store up to one week.